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Vocational Diploma

For non-degree students (did not pass tawjihi)

Accredited by Balqa' Applied University, this diploma is for students who did not pass the high school (tawjihi) exams. It provides theoretical and practical training for skin care, body care, make-up and hairdressing. The holder of this diploma can work in any beauty salon as a hairstylist, nail technician or make-up artist or in beauty product sales.​

Duration:          2 years


Enrollment Requirements

  • Successful or unsuccessful Tawjihi certificate or equivalent high school degree certificate 

  • Personal photo

  • No criminal record certificate

  • Copy of the Identification Card

Fields of Study

  • Skin care

  • Makeup

  • Body care

  • Hand and foot care

  • Hairdressing/Coiffure

  • In addition to the generic and supportive requirements of public universities


  • Vocational diploma certificate accredited from Al Balqa' University

Optional certificates*:

  • Local certificates accredited by the Center of Accreditation and Quality Control in hairstyling, makeup, hand & foot care and body care. 

  • French Baccalauréat Professionnel Diploma (Bac Pro) from Elisa Lemonnier school and accredited from Academie de Paris (the french ministry of education)**

    French Brevet Professionnel Diploma (coiffure) from Elisa Lemonnier school and accredited from Academie de Paris (the french ministry of education)

  • L’Oréal Professionnel certificate


*Subject to the conditions of the certification authority

**Requires taking extra hours in skincare and body care

Bridging in Jordanian Universities

Vocational Diploma students can transfer to the University Middle Degree diploma by passing tawjihi within one year and then bridge at Balqa University in any of the following disciplines:

  • Professional Education

  • Home Economics

Continue Studying in France

The holders of the French Brevet Professionnel Diploma can continue studying in Elisa Lemonnier School to hold a BTS in hairstyling.

Areas of work

  • Beauty specialist

  • Hair Coiffure 

  • Manicure and pedicure specialist

  • Massage / body specialist

  • Skin care specialist

  • Makeup Artist

  • Salon Manager

  • Sales representative for cosmetic products and brands

Locations of work

  • Beauty centers

  • Hotels and resorts

  • Physiotherapy centers

  • Cosmetic clinics and dermatologists

  • Centers and companies selling cosmetics

  • Training centers in the field of cosmetics

  • Local and international beauty companies

  • Investing in cosmetic trade

  • Self-employment

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