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Laval Academy is the School of Beauty Arts and Sciences at Luminus Technical University College (LTUC). Our curriculum, certifications, and accreditations are based on International Standards from Academie de Paris – GIP-FCIP (The official Body of vocational education in France), School Elisa Lemonnier in France (One of the oldest beauty colleges in Paris, since 1862), and L’Oreal Institute (Number one in hairdressing industry) as well as the local Jordanian accreditation from the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and the Ministry of Labor.





Cosmetology is one of the most sought after professions in the Jordanian labor market. Studying at Laval Academy increases the chances of employment in this profession due to the high quality of the curricula and the efficiency of the training. Acquiring more than one specialization makes the graduates more valuable to the employers as they can be more efficient in performing more than one task.


Translated from the curricula of Elisa Lemonnier, Academie de Paris and L'Oreal Institute. The curricula cover all the scientific and practical aspects of cosmetology and the use of advanced technologies, products and tools in the correct manner. It also covers the development of basic life skills needed by students in the labor market such as social communication skills, customer service, time management basics and selling beauty products.

The result is a well-rounded graduate aesthetician or coiffure who is able to deal with and provide advice to customers, diagnose cases and perform the treatments successfully.


Practical training is a graduation requirement and earns the student the necessary skills for the job market. 80% of the time spent in classes goes towards practical training.

The academy also hosts a one-of-its-kind-in-Jordan "student salon" every Saturday. The student salon is referred to as "Beauty Saturday at the Academy” and provides a real-life experience for the students to deal with real customers under the supervision of their trainers, where they provide beauty services at nominal prices.


In addition to on-premises trainings, the academy maintains good relations with a large number of beauty salons in Jordan and provides practical training opportunities in these salons after the end of the academic period. 


Through its strategic partnerships, the academy awards many locally and internationally accredited certificates from diplomas and french Brevet and Baccalaureate certificates to locally  accredited certificates by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and the Ministry of Labor in Jordan.

To learn more about our certificates click here.


Laval academy assists students in finding employment by directly fostering sustainable and viable relationships with employers who keep the academy informed on the latest workforce trends, skills and knowledge required, and secondly secure employment opportunities for graduates.


The academy also supports social links between the students, the alumni and the trainers by providing a platform for  them to share updates, technology trends, fashion trends and career opportunities.

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