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Advanced Courses

Designed for professionals looking to advance their career by staying abreast of new trends and technologies

Advanced Hair Cutting

2-3 days

Elevate your day-to-day salon work to a new level. Learn how to create new looks and innovative cutting techniques that can be tailored to suit your clientele and inspire your team back at the salon.

Advanced Hair Chignon

2-3 days

This course takes you through guided work sessions and detailed technical demonstrations on different hairdos and chignon styles, you will learn how to tackle any hair challenge, and bend any hair type, so you can realize your client's vision every time.

Bridal Makeup

2-3 days

Learn different bridal looks and the secrets to a bright and long lasting makeup.

Gel & Acrylic Nails

5 days

A course based on the installation, construction and lengthening of nails so that students master the use of gel and acrylic and their formation in several ways. This course is available for experts in nail care.

Cinematic Makeup

​10 Weeks

Develop your artistic skills and learn all about makeup through the ages as well as all the different artistic styles that have shaped makeup into what it is today. This course prepares the makeup artist to work in front of cameras, do stage makeup and other specialized styles/ looks. Join our advanced makeup course and understand the value of makeup as an art

Special Effects Makeup

​5 Weeks

This course teaches makeup artists how to age someone, create an injury or burn. Adapted to work with cinema and theater. A must-have skill-set to master for all professional makeup artists.

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