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Specialty Courses

3-6 months courses on the basics of different beauty profession topics

Art of Makeup 

3 months

If you dream of becoming a makeup artist this is where you need to look. Students will be exposed to different methods of makeup application as well as different looks including day, cocktail, night and basic bridal make-up.

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Body and Massage

2 months

This course includes theoretical as well as practical training for body care, the participant will have the fundamental knowledge necessary of the human body to practice within safe and professional parameters.

Hand & Foot Care

3 months

This course is based on the French curriculum for manicure and pedicure, students will be armed with all necessary theoretical and technical knowledge to master hygiene and grooming as well as the aesthetic beauty of nails/ hands & feet.


9 months

The course of barbering consists of theoretical and practical training covering all practices that constitute the art of barbering

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