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Hand & Foot Care

This course is based on the French curriculum for manicure and pedicure, students will be armed with all necessary theoretical and technical knowledge to master hygiene and grooming as well as the aesthetic beauty of nails/ hands and feet.

Duration:           3 months


Enrollment Requirements

  • Personal photo

  • No criminal record certificate

  • Copy of the Identification Card

What the student learns

  • Preparing the hand and foot care room

  • Nail Biology

  • Science of nail materials

  • Principles of hygiene and sterilization

  • Clipping the nails in an artistic style that highlights the beauty of the hands and feet

  • Hand and foot massages

  • Use of cosmetics: Example: (buffing, mask, etc.)

  • Applying coating techniques, applying normal color and gel

  • Nail art

  • Artificial nails’ fitting


  • The local certificate accredited by the Center of Accreditation and Quality Control in Makeup.

  • Optional: Unit 4 of the French Baccalauréat Professionnel Diploma (Bac Pro) from Elisa Lemonnier school and accredited from Academie de Paris (the french ministry of education) 

Areas of work

  • Hand and foot care specialist

Locations of work

  • Beauty salons

  • Beauty centers

  • Hotels and resorts

  • Self-employment

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