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Art of Makeup

If you dream of becoming a makeup artist this is where you need to look. Students will be exposed to different methods of makeup application as well as different looks including day, cocktail, night and basic bridal make-up.

Duration:    3 months


Enrollment Requirements

  • Personal photo

  • No criminal record certificate

  • Copy of the Identification Card

What does the student learn?

  • Profession and workplace preparation

  • Communication skills, problem solving and planning

  • Theoretical rules and principles of makeup

  • Concealer

  • Eyebrows drawing methods

  • Eyelash extensions

  • Art of contour and lighting

  • Eyeliner for different eye shapes

  • The art of color blending 

  • Day makeup looks

  • Night makeup looks

  • Makeup looks for the bride


  • The local certificate accredited by the Center of Accreditation and Quality Control in Makeup.

  • Optional: Unit 3 of the french Bacalaureate Professionnel Diploma from Elissa Lemonnier and accredited by Academie de Paris (the french ministry of education)

Areas of work

  • Makeup artist 

  • Beauty product sales

Locations of work

  • Beauty salons

  • Beauty centers

  • Centers and companies selling cosmetics

  • Training centers in the field of cosmetics

  • Local and international beauty companies

  • Investing in cosmetic trade

  • Self-employment

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