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The Founders

Rana Abu Zaid

Chairman of the Board

A professional business woman with 30 years of experience in management of companies and various projects. Rana has great entrepreneurial skills with a great track record for designing and executing vocational training programs. Her ability to conceive of an idea and bring it to fruition is the force that brought Laval from an innovative idea to what it is today.

Her passion however lies in her ability to empower others. As a firm believer in education and self-improvement. Rana got heavily involved in vocational education, an overlooked but vital sector to our economy.

Through her efforts, many were able to succeed and develop careers.  She is a natural leader who motivates, support and brings out the best in people.


Suhair Khoury

General Manager

A dedicated Manager with strong planning and organizational skills as well as a passion for education and innovation. Suhair is a firm believer in education and human development, this gives her a unique edge and strengthens her managerial skills.

Suhair has earned her degree in education from the University of Jordan and has since then enhanced her knowledge through practical experience in the field. Her love for Esthetics and the art of beauty was her motivator for being the heart of this team. 

Her experience as an educator, her understanding of teaching and pedagogy have added great value to the teaching experience at Laval Academy. She has keen insight, good observational skills and great educational feedback which builds a strong academic foundation and provides great support to the team.

A great team builder with a vision for the future.


Tareq Musharbash

Director of Coiffeur

A master hair designer and the L’Oreal Professional Ambassador in the MENA region, Tareq has an extensive experience in providing hair care solutions as well as the latest application in hair trends, techniques and fashion.

The owner of a leading and prestigious salon in Jordan, Tareq’s special ability to create has elevated hairdressing into an art in Jordan. His dedication to providing the highest level of quality and performance in his field has led him to exceed clients’ expectation and gave him his reputation as an artist. He is meeting the highest statistics in social media engagement due to his inspiring ability to create masterpieces.

Furthermore Tareq has a vision to enrich the hair styling market with quality training in hair art and to build an infrastructure that will allow for local innovation to match international trends.


Rita Dabeet

Academic Director of Esthetics

An accomplished Beauty consultant and trainer, certified by the French Ministry of Education and licensed as an esthetician in the US with more than 20 years of experience in skin care, make up and body treatments.

Represents a prestigious French professional Beauty brand "Sothys" in Jordan a/.nd has been training therapists on various techniques for facial and body care as well as sales and marketing.

Rita is a firm believer in a strong education and is very passionate about creating a strong infrastructure for the beauty market in Jordan and the region.

Throughout her career, she has been keen on professional development and has attended many courses in Paris to advance her knowledge and introduce the latest to the Jordanian market. 

A published author in various magazines.


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