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As a student at Laval Academy, you’ll enjoy an excellent learning atmosphere. we found 16 reasons why you should not hesitate to join our academy!

1. French curricula: taught exclusively at Laval Academy and offers students scientific and theoretical information that serve as strong basis for their career.

2. The only academy in the Middle East and the Arabian Gulf region that offers Brevet Professionnel certificates, L’Oréal Professionnel certificates and Baccalauréat Professionnel certificates.

​3. The international certificates qualify students to work in all countries of the world and according to the requirements of government agencies for each country.


​4. 80% of the curriculum is based on hands-on training

5. Employment program available after graduation

6. Training on the best products available in the market to ensure a high professional level so that the student can start work immediately.

7. The Academy develops the practical skills needed by students in the labor market such as communication skills, customer interaction, problem solving, and salon protocol.

8. The best teachers in Jordan and the region with French certificates and experience of at least 20 years.​

9. Spacious halls equipped with the latest technology and products.

10. The Academy works hard to involve its students in various activities and events such as international product displays, plays, movies and shows in order to expand their awareness and raise their readiness to perform distinctive work.


11. The Academy attracts influential and important professionals from various disciplines both from the local and international community to share their experiences with the students and give them inspiration and support their ambitions and dreams.

12. Being part of Luminus University Technical College (LTUC), the student gets a special discount on the various short courses held at the university.

13. Transportation is available.

14. The priority of registration in advanced professional courses is for the academy graduates, who also get a special discount on these courses.

15. The academy provides a platform for the students and alumni that helps students to exchange experiences with colleagues, marketing, finding unique job opportunities and learning about the latest global developments in the profession.


16. The Academy employs the latest technology to elevate the learning experience and keep up to date with the world developments, it has recently introduced the distant learning program and online learning program for all its students.


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